Indie Web

published 2015-01-04 [ home ]

It is not a secret that I don’t like Web technology. I prefer XHTML to HTML5, I think JavaScript is a terrible language, and don’t get me started on microformats (let’s just say that SoC > DRY…). I’d rather see this mess replaced by something much simpler that only deals with linked documents and feeds, and maybe a separate platform for portable applications.

However, the Web is here to last, and given its importance, its centralization is concerning. This is why I am interested in the Indie Web movement, which I see as part of the larger effort to decentralize Internet. By the way, if you are into this and live in Paris, check out this meetup which is held every six weeks at Mozilla’s office. I have been there every time since its inception and it is well worth it.

Anyway, I have seen today via my feed reader that some people had made commitments for 2015-01-01. I am a bit late, but I decided to follow suit by adding Web sign-in and a h-card to my home page. I will probably add h-entry markup to this blog later this week, too.

If you want to do the same, you can use this handy tool to check everything is working.