Thoughts 6 — Unpredictability, AI and Education

published 2023-04-10 [ home ]

“Thoughts” are posts about what has been on my mind. Sometimes practical, sometimes not; often just things I read recently. Less thought out than regular posts.

Growth of AI Through a Cloud Lens

Mitchell Hashimoto compares the growth of AI today to what happened with Cloud Computing and finds many similarities. He also points how that was not the case for Web3 (cryptocurrencies).

Duct Tape Removal Engineer

I love creative job titles and Jaana Dogan found a great one. When you have the experience, you immediately understand what it means.

At Lima my “unofficial” job title was VP of Data Corruption, and Denis was Chief Packet Loss Officer. I never went as far as putting it on my LinkedIn though ;)

The Diamond Age

Scott Chacon tweeted about how he thinks that personalized AI-based tools will change education and his concern that some countries will not adapt fast enough. I share both parts of this opinion.

I have had my own issues with how education works in France and I have been thinking about this for a long time. Neal Stephenson’s book The Diamond Age is a must-read about that topic, and also yet another warning to make sure AI does not end up ossifying the privileges of an elite class.

I want the Primer, but IMO the current breed of foundational models is poorly adapted to the task. We need online training and scalable user personalization. I am hopeful that will get there though, because there are other lucrative use cases with similar requirements.