Joining Finegrain

published 2023-03-31 [ home ]

It’s been a week since I left Inch, and now it is time to disclose what I am up to.

Last Monday I joined a very early-stage startup called Finegrain. We’re working on improving online images using AI with no humans in the loop. The founders of the company are the Moodstocks founders Denis and C├ędric, so we get to work together again after 10 years.

I won’t hide it, I am not an AI specialist. Even though I keep informed on advances in the field, I have read books and written some deep learning code, I am far from the level required at a company like that.

I do intend to learn more, but it turns out we may also need the things I do have experience with, such as building scalable and resilient systems with few resources, designing simple APIs to do complex things, integrating with customers and more generally being a technical jack-of-all-trades at a small company :)

If you know about AI though, we are hiring!